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Kenzie Bryant

Kenzie Bryant is a Vanities writer for


Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Take the Kids on Their Parisian Honeymoon

It’s a new twist on an old tradition.

Ivana Trump’s Vanity Fair Cover Was Displayed at Her Funeral—With a Twist

The funeral portrait chosen to honor the former president’s first wife has raised some eyebrows.

Amber Heard Officially Files for Appeal, Expects “Twitter Bonfires”

After a six-week, trial a jury awarded Johnny Depp with $10.35 million in damages. Heard is challenging the decision. 
Yacht Season

Drake’s Yacht-Hopping With New Friend Suede Brooks Interrupted by Bees

Drake and Brooks are reportedly “having fun together,” but Drake and the bees are clearly not.  
Mother Approved

Jennifer Lopez’s Mom “Has Always Said” Ben Affleck Is Her Daughter’s “True Love”

The View’s Sunny Hostin can reveal.

Elon Musk, Caught on Vacation, Says, “Free the Nip”

He’s responded to the shock over his beach body.
Family Family Family

Alec Baldwin Defends His Enormous Family

Listen, it’s nice work if you can afford it.

Chelsea Handler Pens an Ode to Her Ex in a Breakup Post

Breaking up is hard to do, even when you love the guy.
Yacht Season

Everybody Is Hanging Out Without You on a Yacht

Elon Musk and Leonardo DiCaprio are “everybody” in this scenario.
Modern Family

The Musk Family Dynamics Sound a Lot Like You’ve Got Mail

“That’s not my dad. That’s my nephew.”

The Grimes and Chelsea Manning Chapter Has Reportedly Closed

A power couple no longer (reportedly).

Cardi B and Offset Gave Their Daughter a Measly $50,000 in Cash for Her Birthday

What’s she going to do with that?

Johnny Depp’s Team Calls Amber Heard’s Mistrial Claims “Misplaced”

This thing seems far from over.
Baby Boom

A Guide to the Muskian Offspring

With the news that the SpaceX CEO has a set of twins by one of his executives, the count for Elon Musk’s children is now nine.
We Did It, Joe

President Joe Biden Has Lost Debra Messing

Messing claimed that she got the president elected, CNN reports.

Amber Heard Seeks to Throw Out Verdict of Johnny Depp’s Defamation Case

“From the beginning,” the brief reads, “Mr. Depp set out to try this case as a domestic relations dispute he wished he had tried, rather than settled, in 2016.” 
My Wife

Sam Asghari Tells the World Britney Spears Is “My Wife”

Let that truth sink in.

“I Am Praying for All of Us”: Laura Prepon on Her Abortion Experience

“I am praying for all of us, that we can get through this challenging time and regain agency over our own bodies,” Prepon said.