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Kelly Rissman

2024 Election

Even Rupert Murdoch Appears to Be Over Trump as a Younger Generation Eyes 2024

Voters across the political spectrum are fed up with current candidates.
Elon Musk

Sex In Silicon Valley: Elon Musk's Friendship With Sergey Brin Fractured by Alleged Affair

The Google co-founder filed for divorce shortly after discovering Musk's alleged liaison with his wife.

World Health Organization Issues Global Emergency For Monkeypox As Cases Surge

Identified as an “extraordinary” situation, monkeypox meets the criteria for a global health emergency.
Gun Laws

Gov. Gavin Newsom Attacks Texas Abortion Ban with New Gun Law and Full-Page Ads

The California governor used the Lone Star state’s strict anti-abortion language for new gun law.
Jan. 6

Steve Bannon Guilty of Contempt of Congress

A federal judge found the former Trump advisor guilty after he defied Jan. 6 committee subpoena.

Texas Lawmaker Votes Against Lifting Tax On Baby Formula

Rep. Louie Gohmert said the vote was “thrown upon” Republicans at the last minute.
JAN. 6

“Time Is About To Run Out”: Trump Loyalist Attorney Sent Memo Detailing How To Overturn 2020 Election

A lawyer encouraged Trump to replace Jeff Rosen and White House counsel.

The Decision to Legalize Gay Marriage Was “Clearly Wrong”: Sen. Ted Cruz

The Texas senator opined that the Supreme Court was “overreaching” when it decided the historic 2015 case.
JAN. 6

Jan. 6 Committee, DOJ Demand Phone Data From Secret Service, John Eastman

The committee is seeking the “erased” Secret Service text messages, while the DOJ is seeking former Trump lawyer's phone contents.
Jan. 6

Steve Bannon “Willing” to Testify in a Sharp Reversal: Jan. 6 Committee

The former White House chief strategist's decision comes after Trump waived his executive privilege, permitting Bannon to testify.

Trump Documentary “Unprecedented” Reveals Griping Vs. Bombshells

The former president complained about the 2020 election and defended the Jan. 6 rioters.
Abortion ban

“My Baby Girl Is Right Here, She Is a Person”: Pregnant Woman Pulled Over in Texas for Driving in HOV Lane

In Texas, two laws are contradictory: Is an unborn child considered a living person or not?
JAN. 6

Former White House Counsel “Did Not Contradict” Other Witnesses' Testimony: Jan. 6 Committee

Pat Cipollone volunteered to be interviewed by the House panel after ex-White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson's turbulent testimony.