Jennifer Lopez Debuts New “Booty Balm” While Ben Affleck Catches Some Zzzzzs

Every newlywed couple celebrates in their own way.
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are seen at a restaurant near the Louvre Museum on July 24 2022 in Paris France.nbsp
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are seen at a restaurant near the Louvre Museum on July 24, 2022 in Paris, France. By Pierre Suu/GC Images/Getty Images

Newlyweds Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are rejoicing in matrimonial bliss by being their best selves. She is launching a new product line, he’s inadvertently posing for the greatest of all paparazzi pics.

Let’s start with JLo, who is celebrating her 53rd birthday today. (Our JibJab card is in your inbox, Jenny, we love you!) As announced by PEOPLE, the icon is heading into her next trip around the sun with the debut of JLo Body by JLo Beauty. The first product, which one can purchase for $65 (though there are price breaks for recurring orders) is called Firm + Flaunt, a “targeted booty balm.”

As the singer-actress-entrepreneur told the magazine, “We already have some amazing products targeting tightening and firming for the face, so a product for the body that addressed those same issues was a natural next step for us.” She added, of the product’s focus on one’s fundament, that “it was also the body part that our consumers wanted a targeted treatment for, and they couldn't find it on the market."

To celebrate the release, some images of the celeb, whose new legal name is Mrs. Jennifer Lynn Affleck, accompanied the announcement, and they are, it is fair to say, quite revealing.

Lopez reflected on watching her mother struggle with cellulite, and said she “wish[ed] that there was some magic formula that was just going to make it disappear.” She doesn’t claim Firm + Flaunt’s team of highly skilled cosmetic alchemists have done exactly that, but they have created something that “really does improve the appearance of the skin.” The new product is a mix of pink pepperslim, guarana seed, caffeine, peptides, squalene, shea butter, eye of newt, and hyaluronic acid.

While all this was going on, what was new hubby Ben Affleck doing? Why, the actor, director, and Oscar-winning producer and writer was sawing some proverbial logs on a boat. 

The man who lives to give gifts to the paparazzi may have bested himself in this collection published by PageSix

The tuckered-out A-lister took a snooze while cruising the Seine in Paris this weekend. After their Las Vegas elopement, the two hit the City of Lights last week, bringing Ben (and Jennifer Garner’s) two kids along with them. 

Prior to the waterborne nap, Ben and Jen were spotted smooching at Le Matignon restaurant, and on a park bench near the Elysée Palace. While Affleck is a few years younger than his new bride, he does turn 50 in just a few weeks. The man deserves to catch a few winks where he can.