Ivana Trump’s Vanity Fair Cover Was Displayed at Her Funeral—With a Twist

The funeral portrait chosen to honor the former president’s first wife has raised some eyebrows.
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Vanity Fair May 1992 Cover Photograph by Eric Boman.

Ivana Trump got a Trumpian send-off on Wednesday, after she passed last week due to injuries sustained after falling down the stairs in her Upper East Side home. Her ex-husband, Donald Trump, attended her funeral along with his current wife, Melania, and his three children with Ivana: Ivanka, Eric, and Donald Jr.

According to The New York Times, the Trump Organization handled the funeral. So it was perhaps fitting, given the former president’s enduring fascination with magazine covers and penchant for bending the truth, that a seemingly photoshopped version of Ivana’s 1992 Vanity Fair cover was on display at the event.

Don’t get us wrong: Ivana Trump did indeed grace the cover of the May 1992 issue. But the cover also featured something else that was presumably less welcome at a somber gathering of the Trump clan: a banner headline promoting a feature story about Hillary Clinton written by journalist Gail Sheehy. “Will she get to the White House with Bill or without him?” the cover line read.

As Daniel D’Addario, Variety’s television critic, first pointed out, that banner headline was evidently removed from the version of the cover that served as Ivana’s funeral portrait. 


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The Trumps were featured many times over the years in Vanity Fair, and the Clintons and Trumps were once friendly. The Clintons attended Trump’s wedding to Melania in 2005, and Trump has donated to the Clinton Foundation. But then 2016 happened to them and to all of us, and here we are, making graphic design our passion to keep our worldview unperturbed.

The Condé Nast research librarians confirmed that the original cover, which resides in the Vanity Fair archives, featured the Hillary Clinton coverline. Though a Photoshop job appears to be the likeliest explanation, they could not rule out the possibility that subscriber editions were published without the coverline—or that Ivana herself was gifted a version without the banner in question.