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Bess Levin

Levin Report

Trump’s Authoritarian Plans for a Second Term Should Scare the Crap Out of You

According to a report from Axios, Trump plans to purge the government of career employees with actual expertise, and replace them with only the most hard-core loyalists.
Roe v. Wade

South Carolina Republicans Basically Want to Make It Illegal to Utter the Word Abortion

A new bill would make it illegal to provide information “by telephone, internet, or any other mode of communication” on how to get an abortion .
January 6 Hearings

January 6 Hearing: Pence’s Secret Service Detail Feared Trump’s Mob Was Going to Kill Them, Said “Goodbye” to Their Families

According to a National Security witness, the vice president’s Secret Service agents were terrified for their lives. 
January 6

Tonight’s January 6 Hearing Will Show Trump Lapping Up the Violence Like a Sociopathic Cat Lapping Milk

The evidence will make it clear that the attack was “exactly” what Trump “wanted to have happen,” one committee member says. 
Levin Report

Republican Senators Insist There’s No Need to Protect Same-Sex Marriage Despite Literal Supreme Court Threat

According to Marco Rubio, a bill to enshrine same-sex marriage protection into law is a “stupid waste of time.”
January 6

U.S. Secret Service Says It Permanently Purged Many of Its January 6 Text Messages, But in a Totally Not-Shady Way

The agency, whose January 6 text messages could presumably shed a lot of light on what Trump was up to on the day of the insurrection, swears its communications were innocently lost.
Levin Report

Minnesota Republican Warns Abortion Leads to Women Having Careers, Claims Pro-choice Advocates Are Always Playing “the Rape Card”

Matt Birk, a candidate for lieutenant governor, also made a “joke” about how it was wrong to give women the right to drive.

We’ll Find Out This Week Which Republicans Want to Take Away Contraception, Same-Sex and Interracial Marriage Rights

House Democrats are holding votes this week in the hope of enshrining such rights into law—and forcing Republicans to go on record with their opposition. On Tuesday, 157 Republicans opposed protecting same-sex marriage. 
Levin Report

“Pro-Life” Idaho Republicans Declare Women Should Be Left to Die to Save Fetuses

Abortion is apparently “murder,” but letting pregnant people die is cool.

Report: Trump Thinks Running for President Again Is His Get Out of Jail Free Card

Justice Department policy says a sitting president cannot be prosecuted—and Trump knows it.

Donald Trump Should Never Be Allowed Within 1,000 Feet of the White House Again: A Pocket Guide

If you or someone you know still needs convincing, allow us.
Levin Report

Herschel Walker Is a “Pathological Liar” Who Lies “Like He’s Breathing,” Says His Own Campaign Staff

Yet for some reason these staffers are still trying to get the guy elected to the U.S. Senate.
Mass Shootings

Fox News Contributor Says Exorcisms Are the Most Important Thing We Can Do to Stop Mass Shootings

Forget about gun control: We just need to drive out the evil spirts.
Roe v. Wade

Joe Biden’s Plan to Nominate an Anti-Abortion Judge Even More Absurd Than Previously Thought

The White House reportedly planned to nominate the anti-choice judge the day Roe v. Wade was overturned.
Levin Report

Report: Trump Thinks a 2024 Presidential Run Will Keep Him Out of Prison

The former president is reportedly banking on a White House bid to stave off criminal charges.
January 6 Hearings

The Trump Family Behaves Exactly How You’d Expect in Documentary Subpoenaed by Jan. 6 Committee

Vapid, unhinged, and in potentially compromising positions that could come back to haunt them.
Levin Report

Ron DeSantis’s “Don’t Say Gay” Law Has Already Made Florida Schools Dystopian Hellscapes

With the anti-LGBTQ+ law officially in effect, teachers are scared to wear rainbows, have pictures of their same-sex spouses, and in some places have to notify parents upon the “determination” of an “open” LGBTQ+ student in the class.
Levin Report

January 6 Hearing: It Sure Sounds Like Donald Trump Should Spend His Twilight Years in Prison!

According to January 6 witness Cassidy Hutchinson, Trump knew some of his followers were armed before they went to the Capitol, and attempted to physically assault a Secret Service agent for not letting him attend the insurrection.
January 6

Report: Eric Trump Thought Inciting Violence Over the Election Was “the Right Thing to Do”

He apparently suggested as much to a documentary filmmaker, whose footage the January 6 committee is in possession of.
January 6 Hearings

Report: If Trump Isn’t Sh--ting His Pants Over Today’s January 6 Hearing, He Probably Should Be

Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony is expected to be explosive.